Friday, May 29, 2009

Milo Cupcakes

Another box of 16 Milo Cupcakes ordered by Nadia from Sweets Heaven.Thanks Nadia =)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dyana's Cupcakes

Dyana had ordered a box with 25pieces of Milo Cupcakes and another 25pieces Chocolate cupcakes with butter icing for her boyfriend. She asked me to decorate the cupcakes with something related to Manchester United, Football and Adidas. So yea, I've decorated it with Manchester United Jersey and Adidas logo. I hope she is satisfied with her cupcakes. Thanks Dyana =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunshine =)

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.
Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.
Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.
Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.

The sun is on my side.
Take me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I'll be all right.

Lets just call this one as "SUNSHINE" themed cupcakes... =p The cake flavor is chocolate. Each cupcake is top with Vochelle Chocolate Frosting and as for the design, i used colored butter icing. You could order this cupcakes for special someone; someone you would call as "my sunshine", the one who always seem to bring you so much joy =). hehe...

Girly themed cupcakes

Hello everyone...=) I never seems to get tired of baking cupcakes and this time, I've baked these "Girly" themed cupcakes. The cake flavor is Vanilla with butter icing. As for the price, it will only cost you $28 for 50pieces. For any inquiries or want to make order, you could just simply ask me through the chat box or SMS me straight away at 8814973.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ema's Costume Party...

First of all, i would like to wish my sister Ema a happy belated birthday =) You're the best and may your life be filled with blessings and happiness. Anyways, I've baked 36pieces of Chocolate Vochelle Cupcakes since its her most favorite one. So here I've posted few pictures that were taken during the event.

- Happy Birthday Ema Sa'datul Iza -

- Red, Sis Ema, Sis DD -

- Red, Sis Ema, Sis Esma -

- Bdit, Ema, Red and Zee -

- Birthday girl with the gang-

- Nephews and Nieces-

- Bro Shah and his fiance, Liyana -

- Sis Didi ( -

- The Girlfriends =) -


Vanilla Cupcakes With Yam flavored Frosting

Introducing my new cupcakes recipe; by adding yam flavor into the icing on top of vanilla flavored cakes. The combination of Vanilla and Yam flavor, taste just perfect and nice =) If you are interested to order, this would only cost 36 pieces @ $25. I may as well could change the frosting color (if you want =). Thanks

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chocolate Vochelle Cupcakes for DHASK

Bersama mu,
Relaku berikan jantung ku,
Biarku luaskan nafsu ku,
Atas nama cintaku beri,
Tak terlintas disanubari,
Nadi tak berdegup lagi,
Nafas ku terhenti...

Selagi kaki ku berdiri,
Tak kan lenguh janji dipatri,
Betapa pilu hati ini,
Jauh d sudut pintu hati,
Berbisik sendiri,
Usang dan sepi,
Aku terfikir...

I am definitely loving this song. The lyric, music and the way they sing it...its all awesome... It is one of DHASK songs(a very local and talented Bruneian Band \m/) known as USANG 12...Its one of their best songs =).

Anyways, I've baked a box with 16 pieces of "ROCK BAND" themed Chocolate Vochelle Cupcakes especially for them. I've decorated each cupcake with a little picture of guitar, keyboard, microphone, drum and of course with the band name on it. I just hope Remey, Daus, Khairul, Luffy, Syarif and the gang likes it. ROCK ON guys =)


SOAS college is currently having this project called "Business Kitani". So i took part in it as my sister and her friends requested for my cupcakes to be sold there. The event would be held until this Saturday. I've baked like a total of 150 cupcakes today. It has been a very exhausting day, haven't been able to get enough sleep but its okay =) So, here I've also posted the pictures. Enjoy it.

Vanilla cupcake with Yam Butter Icing, Milo Cupcake, Vanilla cupcake with Butter Icing and Chocolate Vochelle cupcake.
4 cupcakes @ $2.00 only.

Friday, May 15, 2009

More and more...

Sorry for the late update. I have been busy with my exams and all, but its all over now...hoorrayyy....=p So anyways, here are the latest pictures of cupcakes ordered by Nurzie. Thanks again... =)

if INTERESTED, just contact me at 8814973
Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Interested to celebrate your friendship anniversary? or wanting to give your friends a simple but nice gift? Here is a little something that you could give to your friends which doesn't cost you a lot, Its simple but after all, its the thought that counts =)...The cupcakes may be decorated with your name and your friends' name on it...or with different colors.

As for this cupcakes, it symbolize the friendships between Zee, Dyana and Dee (who are also my friends)...may you guys always stick together through ups and down till forever, xoxo...

Nurin and Izz'hadi's Birthday celebration....

My family has always been very supportive to me *thanks kamu* and to my mum, your baking skills obviously goes to your daughter here hehe i love you more...also to my dad, i love you more too...

Last Sunday,my brother and his wife was celebrating their daughter's and son's belated birthday and wanting me to bake two different themed cupcakes as their birthday cakes. I'm very flattered and excited to bake for my very own beloved niece and nephew. For NURIN, her cupcakes theme is Cheerful and Girly as for her brother; Izz'hadi, his cupcakes theme is Superheroes (Ultraman, Batman, Spiderman and Superman)....Not to forget, thanks sis for putting your trust in me...Hope they all loves it.

MILO cupcakes

Its simply the best, seems to be "everyone's favorite" =) ...You who loves Milo, this is obviously invented for you hehe taste the difference....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Manchester United Themed Cupcakes

Since very recently, Manchester United had won the match against Arsenal...and it seems that lately, almost everyone has been talking about "Manchester manang ni eh"..."Manchester no1 d hati ku" i've decided to bake this Red Velvet Cupcakes with Manchester United theme on it. Although im not a football fan BUT to me and most of my people (family, nephews, brothers, sisters, some of my friends); Manchester is always no 1. hehehe I've to admit this, i found it a bit hard to decorate the Man U logo but i really had fun doing it... =)