Monday, August 31, 2009

From Afez to Eyan~

Afez wants a set of blue and green themed cupcakes decorated with fashion logos such as Gucci and LV. But as u can see, i only design the cuppies with LV...bcos, i did try to make Gucci on it hehe mcm inda menjadi hehe sorry afeez, i wouldnt want you to give her something that i think is not "pretty" enough hehe

But i hope this turns out to be the cupcakes that you want...for her :) happy birthday eyan.

Mimah's 7th anni cupcakes

Good morning here for new updates...actually this set was also baked yesterday :) Mimah wants a pink and blue theme cupcakes. As a result, i gave her this~

I hope she is satisfied with it. Thanks Mimah.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramadhan cupcakes and pavlovas for...

Nelly!!! She first tasted my cupcakes during HM birthday celebration and fell in love with it since then...hehe im glad that she has been purchasing my promotion cupcakes twice in the first and second week of ramadhan...and i thank her for that :) this is her cuppies and pavlovas that i've just baked this afternoon...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mixed cupcakes for Ramadhan.

Salam Ramadhan. During this fasting month, i will offer you with 50 ready made mixed cupcakes, EVERYDAY!!! Or more~ DEPENDING on customers' demand.

You could purchase a box with:
- 6 cupcakes ($3)
- 9 cupcakes ($4.50)
- 16 cupcakes ($8)
- 20 cupcakes ($10)

Its a first come first serve basis. The flavors available in a box will be fixed (by me) which may include:
- marshmallow cupcakes (60¢).
- vanilla/choco cupcakes with butter icing (60¢).
- vanilla/choco cupcakes with fillings such as oreo, milo, nutella (90¢).
- Milo Cupcakes (60¢).

Obviously the cupcakes that i will be selling during ramadhan is only 50¢ each. As ramadhan is a blessing month for us to do good deeds, im taking this chance to give promotions. Even if its only few cents, lets just consider it as a "sedekah".

The pick up address is at jalan angerek desa, spg18, count house no2 on your right. You need to sms 8814973 me for bookings. Btw, ramadhan sales will start on monday.

Thanks :)

Additional list of cakes for Raya Sales.

Kek Lapis (8'x8'):
a. Kek lapis princess coffee ($30)
b. Kek lapis nescafe classic ($35)
c. Kek lapis mix fruit ice cream ($35)
d. Kek lapis ice cream keju ($35)
e. Kek lapis dewi pandan ($35)
f. Kek lapis asam manis ($35)
g. Kek lapis horlick choco ($35)
h. Kek lapis cindai ($35)

As usual all u need to do is just email the lists u want to order at or simply sms it to 8814973. Just for info, this raya sales business is a collaborative business between me n my sisters. They have been selling raya cakes since 1990s. Taste and quality guaranteed :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mum's special biscuits chocolate almond London.

My mum and sisters has been running business since i was little. My mum, she is a very talented cooker, dats no doubt. She knows how to cook and bake almost everything. As for my sister, juliet...shes very passionate in bakery...her cheese cakes~ so sis dd, she is my mentor...she has invented quite few foods, cakes and more...her tiramisu, the BEST!!! so does my other sisters; Esma, Ema and Zalina.

This is one of my mum's biscuits...its one of the best.

P/s: we'll be selling variety of foods at our own gerai ramadhan, infront of my parents' restaurant: restoran pembuka selera ESMA , no1 spg 626, kg bangsingong mukim keriam, Tutong. Feel free to drop by :)

Izzah's cupcakes.

Hi guys! Back with pictures to post. Sory izzah lambat upload urs here hehe but im posting it now. "better late than never" kan?hehe sory i keep u waiting.

So izzah ordered this set of cupcakes with milo, nutella and peanut butter fillings frosted with cheese cream n milo frosting. Each would only cost 90cents. She requested for blue cars and man utd theme. And i gave her this...she n her hubby is from kb, even if jauh i really appreciate your support n trust. And im glad you n ur hubby loved it...thank u very much...

On the other hand, i would like to wish eveyone happy ramadhan...
P/s: happy smashing birthday to my babes farah and nabs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

List of cakes and biscuits for raya.

1. Kek lapis (9'x9').
a. Kek batik oreo/ finger cookie.
b. Kek lapis chocolate peppermint.
c. Kek lapis cheese and oreo.
d. Kek lapis cheese spread.
e. Kek lapis strawberry chocolate.
f. Kek lapis chocolate polkadot sagu.
g. Kek lapis water melon cheese.
h. Kek lapis chocolate smarties fun.
i. Kek lapis nutella.
j. Kek lapis buah prune.
k. Kek lapis crispy chocolate.
l. Kek lapis nestum and horlick.
m. Kek kukus mata kucing.
n. Kek lapis ice cream durian special.
o. Kek kukus buah.
Kek batik $30 for others its $35.

2. Kek roll
a. Kek roll tapak kuda ($6 each).
b. Kek roll chocolate nutella ($7 each).
c. Kek roll m&m ($6 each).
d. Kek roll chocolate pepermint ($7 each).
e. Kek roll chocolate cream ($6 each).
f. Kek roll chocolate peanut butter ($6 each).
g. Kek roll oreo romeo ($6 each).
h. Kek roll chocolate bueno kinder ($12 each).
i. Kek roll durian special ($7each).
j. Kek roll chocolate tronkey crispy ($12 each).

3. Biscuits and more.
a. Kueh mor with or without kacang (50biji-$6)
b. Biskut china semprit (50biji-$6)
c. Biskut kacang jagus (50biji-$6)
d. Biskut almond London (35biji-$7)
e. Biskut bunga china (50biji-$6)
f. Biskut arab 60an (50biji-$6)
g. Biskut crispy ubi kentang (50biji-$6)
h. Biskut hari lebaran cheri (50biji-$6)
i. Caramel / honey cornflakes with colored sprinkle/ choco rice/ badam nuts (small$6 medium$12 large$20)
j. Kacang berempah (biasa $7 pedas $10sebotol)
k. Tiramisu (9'x9'-$30)
l. Keropok katam rangup (450gm-$10)

Email at or just msg ur order to 8814973 by 2nd sept 2009. All you need to do is to just email me the list of cakes or biscuits you want to order, the pick up date, your name and your contact no. Thank you. Happy fasting everyone :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ramadhan and Sungkai Treats.

Don't say that i don't have time to keep my business running while i was busy working =P Sorry again for the late updates but yea, i never forget to take pictures of everything I've baked. Atleast, i could share it with you guys.

Ramadhan is just around the corner and i would like to take this opportunity to give special promotions for cupcakes and others more, that i will be selling as sungkai treats. I have the list of cakes and biscuits for Raya sales but i havent have time to make the list for Puasa yet hehe

I'll work on it later. Till then just sabar sabar =) will post the list for Raya sales together with list for Sungkai Treats soon. Thanks.

Ady Merlina's Bikini Ragae Themed Cupcakes.

The suprised Birthday Girl!!! Ady Merlina Manaf. We love you...
Her Bikini Ragae Themed Cupcakes (choco cupcakes with milo and cheese cream frosting) and Candles sponsored by Wani =p Thanks to Daus, Shadul,Wani,Nana and Abas for making the suprise thingy happened!!

Ady i know you love your cupcakes!!! i gave you this instead of what u've requested earlier hahaha baru bikini sudah kau bising hahaha Happy Birthday Love.

Jannah's Floral, BEN 10 and Ultraman Cupcakes

These Cupcakes was ordered by Jannah last week. She ordered 50 cupcakes and requested me to decorate half of it with floral design and the other half with BEN10 and Ultraman. Thanks Jan.

Ryn's Pavlovas

This was a last minute order. BUT i managed to bake it for her just before i go to work. hehe

Strawberry with Nutella Fillings Cupcakes

Baked especially for my Baiduri Bank Mates (Beribi Sumbangsih Branch). Thanks to Alex the supervisor, Nisa and Amal also not forgetting to all the Baiduri staffs, who've always been very friendly while i was working there. Thanks kamu!!

Eyul's Pavlovas

Heart and Round shaped Pavlovas for Eyul the Pavlovers ;p Thanks to you too babe.

Zuraini's Floral themed Cupcakes

Thanks Babe...I know u loved it ;p I hope your friend love it too.

Ryn's Wedding themed Cupcakes

Hello everyone im back with new updates. Sorry for the late update as i said, i've been busy. hehe
As promised, this is Ryn's Vanilla with Butter Icing and Vochelle Cupcakes for her Hantaran.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good news!

Simple items will be selling their crocs-related items with up to 60% discount! When? Some time around next week. Dont miss the chance. For more info, visit

Thanks. Have a great sunday everyone :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I cant stand seeing my blog without any updates and im sorry for that...

Im still busy with work and i promise that i will upload photos as soon as im done with everything. Good news, I do still accept orders... :) yes, i still manage to bake pavlovas and cupcakes on time...

Thanks to Zur, im happy dat u love that pretty floral themed cupcakes. Also to Eyul, thanks for ur suggestions and i feel glad u love ur pavlovas. As for Ryn, ur pavlovas are ready for pick up :) hehe its all freshly baked from the oven...with love ;p thanks.

P/s: Bridex Brunei International Defence Exhibition, open for public 14th Aug (2-5pm) and 15th Aug (9am-12pm and 2-5pm) only. $5 Tickets available at the airport until 13th Aug. Dont miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience live demonstrations!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Busy busy weeks.

Its been a very exhausting sunday and a very hectic week. I was busy working everyday from morning until evening and i havent been able to have time to upload pictures of cupcakes that i've baked recently.

To ryn, she had ordered a wedding themed cupcakes for "hantaran". Im sorry darling, belum upload the pictures (ada u gambar?hehe). Nways, congrats and moga berkekalan hingga anak cucu =)

To my sisters, EMA & BDIT...Thanks for promoting my cupcakes at ur booth. U're awesome and im glad its all kana beli. Not to forget, thank you customers.

As for Izzah, my new customer all the way from Lumut...She wanted to suprise her hubby, Raini...*sweet~* :) Happy birthday to ur hubby and happy 2nd anniversary to both of you. Thanks dear for ur trust and feedback.

I will upload the pictures when i have free time. Im gona be very busy dis whole week until 15th. But dont worry, zur & eyul...Hehe i can stil manage to bake ur cupcakes and pavlovas...

Dats it for now...Thank you all for being so supportive... :) night.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

122 the booth no that you should look for IF u're craving for cupcakes...

Tonight is the last night for "gerai perayaan" at Bandar, so i will be selling cupcakes 4pieces for $2 only.

4 Mix cupcakes per box - Oreo with butter cream, strawberry fresh cream, chocolate with butter icing and milo cupcakes.

BOOTH 122! Just near the road side. Thanks.