Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful <3

You're beautiful, every little piece love :)

My heart-shaped Pavlovas...
Yay!! finally~ i have time to bake it.
Its a beauty and Y-U-M-M-Y...
Just SMS me to order :)

Mix Cupcakes

Hello again people...Here is the new update. I'm offering new additional flavor that is strawberry cupcakes =)

...and as for this one, it was ordered by DD. She requested for a box of 36 cupcakes with different flavors. So i gave her Oreo, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Marshmallow and Vanilla Chocolate rice cupcakes. The cupcakes were frosted with both Butter Cream and Butter Icing.
Thanks you so much DD.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fruit Puding

Medium Aluminum Tray - $15

Fruit pudding made up of sponge cake, custard, nestle cream and fruits.
Cake flavors available:
- Butter
- Vanilla
- Pandan
- Strawberry
But i prefer using the butter sponge cake =)

- Fruits cocktail
- Strawberry
- Kiwi
- Peaches
- Grape

I hope everyone is having a GREAT HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photos Update

As promised, this is Suzanna's Cupcakes for her Hantaran.

For her guy :)

Obviously this is NOT the hantaran box ler~ hehe i asked her to buy her own decorated box, i know she has a great choice. I hope she'll give me her hantaran pictures soon :)

For Pretty Suzanna :)

As for this, i gave the cupcakes to her since she has been saying that she was craving for my cupcakes since weeks ago :) But this is a chocolate cake top with Strawberry Butter Cream and M&M. I hope it satisfy your cravings.

Thanks again Suzanna.

One sleepless night.

Morning :) *yawn* i still feel sleepy but i have to wake up and do my work...Yesterday i was fully booked. Right after i got back from work, i have lots of cupcakes to bake...

Suzanna came to pick up her cupcakes, sorry for the misunderstanding dear =) hehe i seriously thought it was 50pieces, hehe lucky that i managed to bake another 50 for you, freshly baked from the oven lagi =p...Thanks for understanding. I hope ur engagement day today will go smoothly well. Congrats :)

As for Lyn, her power puff girls themed cupcakes is pretty gorgeous. I cant wait to post the pictures here but as we all know, sometimes the internet connection is slow, most of the time it doesn't work...So, I will post the pictures as soon as the connection is okay. Thanks.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I want...

To bake~
86 cupcakes ordered for tom (confirmed =p)
chocolate eclairs
fruit puding
heart shape pavlovas
...Not today, hopefully soon!...once i have much free time =)

Ramadhan and Raya is coming...So im happy to announce that there will be raya cakes and biscuits for sales. I will update on this, once im done with the list...Thank you.

A new day =)

Good morning sunshine... =) yes! its a new day for me and for everyone. I have decided to delete all the recent "distracting" texts in chatbox which obviously is not "healthy" for my business and most importantly for my customers.

Just to make things clear...Im not looking for something big, im just a human who has passion in cooking and baking foods. Apart from that, through this blog; The Cupcakes' Fairy, i share my baking creations and also seek for some extra income...I dont see that it is wrong doing this part-time business as long as it doesnt do any harm to others. I know there are many talented bakers out there, also doing the same business... But i see them as my inspiration that encourage me to open this blog and carry on selling my creations...Thank you to all food bloggers. We exist for the same reason, doing business of things that we love and good at,ofcos in a fair and healthy competition.

Doing business is obviously not easy but atleast we try our best to satisfy our customers as well as giving you what you desire at the right time. I would appreciate the positive supports and my apology for any dissatisfactions.

My lovely customers (current and future), you're the best...Thank you so much for all your supports and mostly, for understanding.

I dont mind about all the critisms, i do still need feedback for my own advantage and improvement. However, when the criticism is irrelevant and is obviously aiming to bring me down, i dont see it as helpful at all...I pity those narrow minded people who consider that what they are doing as a good thing when clearly it is not...I mean if you have problem with what we offer, no body force you to buy anything from us...U're welcome to buy from others :)

To whom it may concern, i wont tolerate anymore negative nonsense here...For personal matters, please have courage to say it to my face. Thank you

Much love - red

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crispy Kueh Ardam

Kueh Ardam is one of Brunei traditional dishes or junk food. They are not just unique by their names but also because of their taste and how they are made. Here i also sell Kueh Ardam in which it only costs $1 for 10 pieces. If you're interested to order, do inform me a week earlier =) thanks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Classification for all forth year UBDans is finally out today...So, i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate intake 2005/2009...

I am very grateful for what Allah has given to me, for all achievements that i've achieved in all these years...Thank you Allah, my parents; Hj Emran and Hjh Seliha for all your prayers, my siblings also sister and brothers in laws for all your supports and guidance, my friends; DARN, Ady, the guys Daus, Talip, Najhan, Shai, Roro, Basli, Lehin and everyone, thank you for the great times and also not to forget, all the lecturers. Thank you.

Goodluck everyone in pursuing your dreams, in getting whatever it is that you ever wanted; masters, phd, employment...Hehe

Come whatever, we will stil be friends forever - vitamin C.

My Pavlovas =)

What is a pavlovas? Pavlova is a delicious dessert that consists of a meringue cake with a whipped cream topping, and often includes slices of fruit on top. Pavlova is made primarily of egg whites and sugar. When it is cooked properly, the outside of the meringue shell will be crunchy, with a marshmallow-like texture on the inside.

Finally, i have time to bake pavlovas and im glad that it was a success...The fruit i used on top of my pavlova is strawberry and peaches and i also sprinkle a little bit of chocolate rice =)
However, instead of strawberry and peaches, i could also used other fruits such as banana, kiwi, grape, orange and mango on top of the pavlovas.

P/S : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved nephew; Mohammad Hassan Basri.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cupcakes for Hantaran

Congrats to Mardhiah and Mohd Hamdi. She ordered this lovely cupcakes as her hantaran for the guy. Im glad that she like the cupcakes as she did msg me right after i delivered it to her. hehehe its a relieve though...She requested for a blue themed cupcakes with lots of heart shape and "I LOVE YOU" decorated on the cupcakes. Thanks Mardhiah =) i hope ur hubby like it too.

Cupcakes for J&A

Azril and Janet ordered this girly themed and Football themed cupcakes to celebrate their friends' birthday in last two weeks. Sorry guys lambat update... The girlfriend requested the cupcakes to be colored in Red and White...Azril was kinda worried (takut inda siap the cupcakes)...heheh it was also a last minute order and i was very busy with the gala night preparation but luckily i managed to bake it all for them =) I hope the girls and boy like their cupcakes.. Thanks Janet and Azril.

Marshmallow Cupcakes

First of all, i would like to apologise for the late update of posts and photos. I would also like to apologise for the "so disturbing" texts in my chatbox as some people just couldnt seem to respect you and ur capabilities. Not to forget, thanks to all my customers for being so supportive and friends who always been there back me up when im in need.

This is my new invention. I called it marshmallow cupcakes...Its basically Vanilla Cupcakes with a little bit of chocolate rice top with green and blue butter icing. This would only cost $0.60 each.

P/S: Happy Belated Birthday His Majesty. Daulat Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik =)

Monday, July 13, 2009


OMG, i havent update my blog in quite a while now. Obviously i've been busy with the graduation FBEPS gala night 2005/2009...Congrats, we deserve it. After four years of struggle, ups and down, assignments, presentations and exams, WE DID IT!! For sure, im gonna miss all the fun moments together. Apart from the gala night, im still tired due to NBT Tressure Hunt. It was an extreme fun though.

Back to business, hehe, im looking foward to bake pavlovas, brownies and more cupcakes for someone's daughter with powerpuff girls theme and some is for hantaran...I will update soon with more pictures.

P/s : to a friend of mine, safe journey to Myanmar or should i say to "rule the world" =p ...may your life be more successful :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Add.

This was ordered by Dyana, one of my regular customers. She has been supporting me all the way =) Thanks babe. She requested me to decorate the cupcakes with the colors of American Flag (Red, Blue and White) with tiny pictures of guitar, drum, "rock on" icon and logo of Mitsubishi Lancer. So, as the result...i gave her this:

Happy Birthday Add...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fathers' Day Promotional Cupcakes

Since the promotion is still on, here is few pictures of cupcakes ordered by customers... =) I just feel like posting it here hehehe

P/S: Happy Belated Birthday Salehin~ Guys, if you have FACEBOOK do LIKE us (Group17 Pic35 for Yougotsnapped Competition at the Mall...) U'd have to become a fan of yougotsnapped application first. If you LIKE us, we'll LOVE you forever hehe i appreciate it, thanks =p